Wednesday, July 2, 2008


NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE. The whole country is talking about it. The papers are having a field with it and what? Even the broadcasters are giving it priority in terms of news. People on the streets, in offices, at bus stops, at shopping malls, at cafes, kopitiams and kedai mamak are giving opinions and counter opinions on what actually transpired. Did he or didn't he? Was he or wasnt he? Now look, even the fiance is in there with her blog telling the entire planet that she stands by her man. There are assurances made that he will be made safe, an assurance given by the highest office, and not just by him, but by his security people and their ilk. Presscons after presscons are given, and whoa! Even an entire stadium was filled to the brim with people wanting to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But hang on.

I dont give a pharck. About all this. I really dont.

All this fandango about conspiracies, about innocence, about pride, about getting to the truth, about not repeating the same trick made 10 years ago blah blah blah yadayadayadayda ...

Its all crap.

Its all a distraction; a diversion from the real pain in the arse (note the pun) which is the painful truth: INCREASE IN COST OF LIVING. Which, to sum it up consists of:

a. increase in cost of RICE, the very basic food staple of ASIANS;
b. increase in cost of PETROL, the very blood of businesses;
c. increase in ELECTRICITY rates, the very soul of industry.

A major english language paper spent 12 PAGES from page ONE TO TWELVE on covering the GREAT BACKSIDE SAGA. And much later, on page 16, a semi-small column on a suggestion from the Member of Parliament from Jerlun on how to deal with the increase in oil prices, by having governments of countries deal directly with each other to overcome the real impact of artificial pricing of oil by futures speculators.

Am I alone or has everyone else gone mad? I'd rather not know the outcome of someone's backside, as I'd rather know that the government is doing something REALISTIC and SOON in IMPLEMENTING STEPS TO REDUCE THE RISING COSTS OF LIVING, INSTEAD OF FOCUSING ON THE PUCKERED EXIT HOLE OF SOME DEFACTO SOMETHING OR OTHER.

My question for the day is: has everyone gone mad? Or is everyone suddenly gone soft in the head?

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