Tuesday, June 17, 2008


AHHH ... our southern neighbour. Love them or hate, but you have to admit, they do provide the occassional interesting news postings. Like the notorious armpit sniffer who received a 'prevention detention' judgement effectively slamming him in jail for 16 years. All for the love of the pit. I honestly do not know what to say. Or add. Just that the authorities are not taking it lightly, claiming that he has a 62% chance of committing the offence upon release if he was to be sentenced for 2 years. To be fair to them, he did do more than just tickle his nose-bud; he molested them and at some point, restrained them whilst molesting them. The armpit sniffing part was one of the components of the attack. His victims? Ranging from 9 all the way up until 53. I know, its just so wrong on so many levels. You feel wrong just suppressing the giggles. But I wonder, does he grab the wrist of his victims, lift it up and shoves his nose in their pits? Or does he just go for it, from any angle? Good thing he's not a crotch sniffer. That would have been clumsy.

My question of the day is: are people getting crazier? Or is this a new form of evil? Or is the world too stifling for the normal person to just carry on with the simple business of living? But trust me, we will be reading more and more of weird crimes being committed. Only because the stress of everyday life is getting to us. Not to mention the stress of coping with rising costs, making ends meet and to just get a bowl of rice going on. This is just the beginning...

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