Sunday, June 15, 2008


HMM INTERESTING. Now the Star Online has this to report:

"The Government is looking at adopting a system whereby motorists can buy a fixed amount of subsidised fuel each month and pay for the rest at market rate. Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the system includes providing Malaysian motorists with a special card for buying subsidised fuel. “We are still looking into this system as certain infrastructure would be required for the subsidised fuel cards to be used,” he said, adding that the RM625 cash rebate for motorists was the best and fastest approach the Government could take to cushion the recent 41% hike in fuel prices."

Note the key words here:
a. "Government is looking at ..."
b. "We are still looking into ..."

This is really a good idea actually as it will contribute towards easing the burden of the rising costs of living and breathing in this land. However, I do have an issue. As the key words will show, my issue is the lack of PLANNING. Thats right.

Wouldnt it have been more prudent, less scary, more insightful and busload more intelligent if they, the powers that be, had PLANNED all these fandangled new ideas BEFORE dropping the bad news on our heads? It would have acted like the proverbial ky jelly before the plunge. Bad news is bad news, thats life, but it would have made a world of difference if there were established and well thought of plans made to the public before a major step such as the petrol price increase was implemented.

Now its just all damage control isnt it? Controlling the damage its doing to the image of the powers that be. Trying to win our hearts? Try PLANNING in advance a bit.

My question of the day then is: with the rising costs of living, it would be obvious that not only will the current populace be digging deep into their savings but will also be digging deeper into debt; what will the future be for the people now when they retire in 15 years time? Is there a plan for the people in the 50s to prepare for their retirement age? Its not enough to go around telling us that we must change our lifestyle AND keep something aside for our old age, because telling IS NOT helping and IS NOT doing. Telling is just reminding. Or nagging. Are there plans to deal with this issue? As this unanswered debts will be a burden for our children's generation. Or will the plan come AFTER the FACT?

But we're not big with planning are we? Look at all the housing estates in this country; they build it big and proud, but they forget to include practical-sized roads, exits, parking spaces etc. So we end up in a perpetual state of repairs and roadwords and piling traffic situations. What is it about us and planning? Honestly.

I guess we're all free spirits prancing about being creative at the last minute ... hoho ...

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rizal hashim said...

In Malaysia, cutting corners has become a habit.

We don't practise meritocracy,

our leaders lack the competence to lead,

and our fellow Malaysians are short on ethics and etiquette in many areas...

So we have to get used to life here. Lower your expectations.

Channel all your creative juices to your blog.

Vent out your frustration. Chill...