Tuesday, June 24, 2008


HOLY MOLEY! Is it really true? Are petrol station owners refusing to accept credit cards from customers? How the bloody hell am I going to get petrol from day 1 to day 30? My petrol consuming ways have been benefitted by the cranky, leaky but still effective way of the credit card system. Now I need CASH all the time! This shit aint good man ... this shit aint good. And I know that I'm not the only one. I know that because everybody and their uncle uses credit cards to get by these days and now the very basic necessity for us salary people are going to be taken away. First they increased the cots of petrol, now they're making it even harder for us to even pay for the petrol. This morning I filled up my Waja 1.6 with RM140.00 worth of petrol, which is the complete full tank. And since I travel 70km back and forth, the full tank aint gonna last. And now I cant use my credit card to pay to the high costs? Bloody hell...

My question for the day is: why the bloody hell is the govt. keeping quiet on this? If it really is going to come to pass that we can no longer use credit cards, then why are they not making some kind of reassuring remarks? Are they really leaving us to the wolves? Or at least to the creditors ... are we, the rakyat, really so detestable that we are treated this way? What the hell is really going on here?

Thursday, June 19, 2008


HO-BOY ... looks like the situation is getting from bad to worse to horribly bad AND horribly worse. The recent petrol price increase together with the recent rice price increase and the upcoming electricity rates increase has made all over us more scared of stepping outside our homes. The streets are clear and theres a sense of deja vu with the movie 'i am legend' ... the emptiness of vast empty parking lots, the windblown briar bush... So what do we do? We listen to the powers that be and the words of wisdom which is ... (wait for it) SAVE! START CUTTING COSTS! DONT SPEND! STAY INDOORS! Woo-hoo! Its like a celebration of idiots the way we're told to not spend and to cut costs. Whats even worse is that the GOVERNMENT is going to cut costs and not spend as much. Now this is very worrying. The government cutting costs? The government as in "a huge complex of activities and duties which covers the entire country" government? THAT government? I'm not an economist but if the government decides to cut costs on their spending, wont it have the following effect on the:

a. hospitality industry: if away meetings in hotels and resorts are cancelled, wont it mean that the hotels and resorts will be losing a hefty chunk of their income? Which will have the effect of last revenue and over-staffing?

b. food industry: having lost their hotel and resort customers they wont be ordering that much food from their suppliers who in turn will reduce the production capacity.

c. transport industry: since all travels within and outside the country will reduced that means this industry too will be losing a chunk of their revenue which for all these years have been coming in like clockwork.

What would be good instead is to just not cut costs thereby creating a devastating ripple effect for everybody in this country from bus drivers to tofu cake makers, is for everyone to have a pay increase of between 30 - 50%. That way all of us (or those of us who are getting a monthly income) can afford to buy things, drive around and maintain the economic machinery. Now is not the time for collective cost cutting, now is the time for collective spending of goods and services. We need to churn the goods and services industry, we should be able to buy houses, go on holidays, watch movies, eat at restaurants and dance at discos! Our income and our lifestyle must be increased to the same level of the burgeoning costs.

My question of the day is: is there a plan?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


AHHH ... our southern neighbour. Love them or hate, but you have to admit, they do provide the occassional interesting news postings. Like the notorious armpit sniffer who received a 'prevention detention' judgement effectively slamming him in jail for 16 years. All for the love of the pit. I honestly do not know what to say. Or add. Just that the authorities are not taking it lightly, claiming that he has a 62% chance of committing the offence upon release if he was to be sentenced for 2 years. To be fair to them, he did do more than just tickle his nose-bud; he molested them and at some point, restrained them whilst molesting them. The armpit sniffing part was one of the components of the attack. His victims? Ranging from 9 all the way up until 53. I know, its just so wrong on so many levels. You feel wrong just suppressing the giggles. But I wonder, does he grab the wrist of his victims, lift it up and shoves his nose in their pits? Or does he just go for it, from any angle? Good thing he's not a crotch sniffer. That would have been clumsy.

My question of the day is: are people getting crazier? Or is this a new form of evil? Or is the world too stifling for the normal person to just carry on with the simple business of living? But trust me, we will be reading more and more of weird crimes being committed. Only because the stress of everyday life is getting to us. Not to mention the stress of coping with rising costs, making ends meet and to just get a bowl of rice going on. This is just the beginning...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


HMM INTERESTING. Now the Star Online has this to report:

"The Government is looking at adopting a system whereby motorists can buy a fixed amount of subsidised fuel each month and pay for the rest at market rate. Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said the system includes providing Malaysian motorists with a special card for buying subsidised fuel. “We are still looking into this system as certain infrastructure would be required for the subsidised fuel cards to be used,” he said, adding that the RM625 cash rebate for motorists was the best and fastest approach the Government could take to cushion the recent 41% hike in fuel prices."

Note the key words here:
a. "Government is looking at ..."
b. "We are still looking into ..."

This is really a good idea actually as it will contribute towards easing the burden of the rising costs of living and breathing in this land. However, I do have an issue. As the key words will show, my issue is the lack of PLANNING. Thats right.

Wouldnt it have been more prudent, less scary, more insightful and busload more intelligent if they, the powers that be, had PLANNED all these fandangled new ideas BEFORE dropping the bad news on our heads? It would have acted like the proverbial ky jelly before the plunge. Bad news is bad news, thats life, but it would have made a world of difference if there were established and well thought of plans made to the public before a major step such as the petrol price increase was implemented.

Now its just all damage control isnt it? Controlling the damage its doing to the image of the powers that be. Trying to win our hearts? Try PLANNING in advance a bit.

My question of the day then is: with the rising costs of living, it would be obvious that not only will the current populace be digging deep into their savings but will also be digging deeper into debt; what will the future be for the people now when they retire in 15 years time? Is there a plan for the people in the 50s to prepare for their retirement age? Its not enough to go around telling us that we must change our lifestyle AND keep something aside for our old age, because telling IS NOT helping and IS NOT doing. Telling is just reminding. Or nagging. Are there plans to deal with this issue? As this unanswered debts will be a burden for our children's generation. Or will the plan come AFTER the FACT?

But we're not big with planning are we? Look at all the housing estates in this country; they build it big and proud, but they forget to include practical-sized roads, exits, parking spaces etc. So we end up in a perpetual state of repairs and roadwords and piling traffic situations. What is it about us and planning? Honestly.

I guess we're all free spirits prancing about being creative at the last minute ... hoho ...

Thursday, June 12, 2008


WOOHOO! Since the price of chickens is on the rise (latest read: RM7/- per kilo), we might as well chat about it, especially with the powers that be are going to invest a healthy dollop of casholas on communication facilities and internet access. Dont get me wrong, but this is a good thing isnt it? I mean, in this day and age of rising costs of living, instead of just experiencing it personally, we can share it with others! Woohoo! We just wonder where the P in "priority" disappeared to ...

Our Tun is in the papers again. He is 83 years old and alone to fend of massive attacks by the powers that be. And yet, he seems to be taking it in his stride. Explaining each and every slings and arrows with a certain calmness and glaring intelligence. And I tend to agree with him when he mentioned in his blog that the claim by the judge about his 'veiled threats' is a respite / decoy taking away the attention from the shocking oil hike. I suppose to the powers that be, our Tun is a convenient distraction / scape goat. But they tend to forget, this distraction can bite back. And from what we've last seen, he has teeth. Sharp ones. Kudos to our Tun for his bravery and tenacity in putting forth what is most needed by us Malaysians in these troubled (and troubling) times.

My questions for the day is, therefore: why are we so jumbled up? Why are we not listening to reason? Why cant we use out little grey cells to see what is and what is not? Why are we so delusional?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


LOOKS like civil servants can now do part time jobs to supplement their income due to the rising costs of living. Hmm. Am I wrong or have they been doing this all along? I recall many moons ago a cartoon in a national newspaper comically depicting government officers (i.e. pegawai kerajaan) selling huge packs of keropok udang and stuff. Back then it was a joke because it was an open secret. People were doing it because even back then the income for civil servants were low enough to warrant additional sources of income especially those living in the city. Now its no longer a joke but an accepted necessity. I suppose circumstances changes things huh? Things such as policy and common sence. Circumstances brought about by bad planning and ill-conceived decisions done on a whim. So dont be surprised the next time you hop on a cab you'll be driven to your destination by the officer at the counter when you file in your tax, or the officer who treated you at the clinic gomen.


Nowadays it seems that 'decide now talk later' approach is the only approach. Like the proverbial 'seeking to dig a hole in the ground when you have the sudden urge to shit'. I see horrible lack of planning and a whole lotta excuses and funny aftermath decisions. Like the petrol hike for example. Wouldnt it have been more simpler, more logical and better all around for the rakyats to:

a. have been given ample time to know when the actual price increase was going to be;

b. to have been part of an intelligent plan where the prices of BASIC ITEMS TO LIVE such as RICE, PETROL and ELECTRICITY are not hiked up SUDDENLY at THE SAME TIME;

c. to be better prepared in terms of short and long term financial planning.

At the end of the day, the powers that be are ill equipped to deal with every day crisis. Of course we know the whole world is undergoing massive economic instability, with the rising cost of oil etc etc. But that does not mean we should just fall off our feet and roll over. At least do something which is not lalang-like, you know?

Monday, June 9, 2008


Its been over a year since I last blogged. And what a year it has been. Bloody hell its more like 10 years if you asked me ... I wont go into details suffice to say the Malaysian socio-politico landscape will never, ever, ever be the same ever, ever again. Thanks to several chimps in suits ...

Ah yes which brings us to this current predicament ... the petrol pump price push ... petrol users have been slapped with a generous 41% increase, whereas diesel users have been smacked with a 67% increase...

I mean honestly. Are they really that ... simple? They're on the mend right now, trying hard to win back the hearts of the people. "I know!" they cry, "Lets: raise the price of our basic staple diet. Lets throw in petrol and ... wait for it, electricity tariffs!"

Sometimes I tend to believe its their way of punishing the people for not allowing them the two thirds majority.

So the question of the day is:

Are chimps in suits really running the show?